Suisse Super 7's Series 2023/24

Format for the Suisse Super 7's series

Qualification for the final

Teams will be awarded points according to their participation and ranking in the 3 rounds:

  • 1 point per participation
  • 4 points for the losers of the semi-finals
  • 8 points for the loser of the final
  • 10 points for the winner

There will be no semi-final and final points awarded for the ranking of the Neuchâtel tournament because foreign teams and therefore not eligible for the Swiss super 7's final are participating in this tournament.

The first 12 teams at the end of the stages will qualify for the final. The other teams will be able to participate in an open tournament. If teams have the same number of points, they will be selected as follows:

  1. The team that has participated in the greatest number of stages
  2. The number of definitive expulsions (red cards) of a team in all the matches counting for this ranking, considering all red cards whatever their origin (players, coaches, managers, etc.).
  3. The best team in terms of direct confrontations (wins) 4. The number of tries scored in all the matches counting for this ranking.


The following table shows the rankings of the Suisse Super 7's for the season 2023/ 2024

RANKINGS Suisse Super 7's series


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