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COVID-19 Measures

Season restart 2021-2022

In preparation for the start of the new season on Saturday, Sept 11th, 2021 the COVID-19 related Return to Play guidelines have been updated.

Retun to Play

Securing player welfare

Rules and Guidelines for the re-start of competition from September 2021

In preparation for the start of the new season on Saturday, Sept 11th, 2021, the COVID-19 related Return to Play guidelines have been updated. These are designed to try and keep the entire Swiss Rugby Community safe, and to ensure our season can go on without further shut-downs this year.

By working together and taking care of each other, we can all enjoy a fun, competitive, and exciting new rugby season

The infographic below show the covid concept and guidelines for community rugby in Switzerland.


Update from April 19th, 2021

Following the latest announcements by the Federal Council, the Swiss Rugby Union has been able to clarify what these rules mean for the sport of rugby, with the support of the BASPO/OFSPO as well as of Swiss Olympic. Check-out the below information.

Youth until Age 20

  • No change
  • Full Training and Competitions remain permitted.

Adults over age 20

  • Small change to contact rules
  • Outdoor trainings are allowed in groups of maximum 15 people. If the players do not wear a mask, they must keep 1,5 meters distance and there can be no contact. If they wear a mask, they do not need to keep the distance and light contact is allowed.

The mask must stay in place correctly at all times during contact play or training, and the players must check before and after each play action that their mask is in place correctly. While this may be possible for light contact and for isolated tackling drills, it is not feasible during full contact rugby, which is therefore not permitted.

Nevertheless, this allows adult rugby players to enter the 1st phase of the return-to-contact progression, with light contact training.

The Federal Council will dictate when the next phase may be reached, whenever the masking and/or contact rules will be lifted in the future.

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Tools for practical implementation of the Return-to-Play concept

Please note that all these activities are optional, and no clubs or players are obligated to return to training and to play if they do not feel ready to do so. Suisserugby is confident that we all can take our own responsibility and work together on the implementation of these concepts, to create a fun, safe, and healthy environment for all our participants.


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#Stay in your club campaign

Suisserugby is participating in the national communication campaigned launched by Swiss Olympic. The clubs, too, are invited to participate. This campaign, entitled #StayInYourClub, aims to support all sports clubs in Switzerland by encouraging their members to remain active and engaged. In fact, some of them are in great difficulty because their activities have been suspended and they continue to have to bear many costs. The aim of this campaign is therefore to make members aware of the need to remain in solidarity with their club.

The Swiss Rugby Union encourages all Swiss clubs to participate in the campaign.



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