Suisse Rugby Finals Day 2023

  • Competitions
  • 10 Jun 2023

Mark you calendars for a full day of rugby on June 10th, 2023 at the Stade Municipal in Yverdon-les-bains.

SUISSE Rugby Finals Day 2023 

Saturday, June 10th, 2023 is SUISSE RUGBY FINALS DAYS. More than a dozen national finals games across all leagues will take place on this day - stay tuned for more news and mark your calendars for this day fully packed with exciting matches at Stade Municipale in Yverdon. The day is about to kick-off at 11h30 with the U16 final. 


Stade Municipale
rue des pécheurs 16
CH-1400 Yverdon-les-bains

Fixtures (to be confirmed)

Time Final Team 1 Team 1 Pitches
11h30 Final U16 PAC Genevois ER Lausanne Pitch 2
12h00 Final LNFB Switzers Salamanders Pitch 3
12h30 Final U19 RC Zug ER Lausanne Stade Municipal
13h30 Final Excellence A GC Zurich LUC Rugby Pitch 2
14h00 Final LNC Neuchâtel SRC RC Würenlos Pitch 3
15h00 Final LNFA Luzern Dangels Mermigans Stade Municpal
15h30 Final LND TV Thun AS Morges Pitch 2
17h30 Final LNA GC Zurich RC Yverdon Stade Municipal