Richard Charles - President of the FSR Medical Commission - has passed away

  • Federation
  • 06 Jul 2023

It is with great sadness that the Swiss Rugby Union has learned of the passing of Richard «Charlo» Charles, President of the Medical Commission of Suisse Rugby.

It is with great sadness that the Swiss Rugby Union has learned of the passing of Richard «Charlo» Charles, President of the Medical Commission of Suisse Rugby.

He left his mark on the Rugby Club Winterthur as its first coach and active player and taught an entire generation the basics of rugby. Following his coaching commitment, he took over the role of head of Anti-Doping in 2018 for the Swiss Rugby Federation. Thanks to Richard's years of experience with Anti-Doping, Medical, and Player Welfare matters at FIFA, he agreed to give new life and leadership to the FSR's Medical and Player Welfare Committee, when he was elected to its presidency. Richard was instrumental in developing FSR's first-ever comprehensive Player Welfare Plan, based on the three main pillars of "Prevention, Intervention, and Education", developing a vast number of tools, resources, courses, and activities around those topics, and making them freely available to all Swiss Rugby Clubs. During the rugby break forced by COVID-19, he not only supported the creation of the numerous "Return to Play" concepts at the various stages of the pandemic, but he also developed "Tackle Your Mind", a resource that aims to support members of the Suisse Rugby Community struggling with mental health issues. Besides his great volunteer work within the FSR and his continued support of Swiss Rugby, he was also a passionate Rugbyman with heart and soul.

In the name of the entire Suisse Rugby Family, the FSR sends its sincerest condolences to Richard’s family and all his loved ones – Wastad yn ei’n meddyliau Richard!