Le succès du rugby suisse apporte "beaucoup de joie et de fierté".

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  • 10 May 2023

Le rugby en Suisse est en pleine effervescence en ce moment et a été présenté sur le site de Rugby Europe avec une interview du capitaine de l'équipe nationale Cyril Lin et du capitaine de l'équipe nationale des moins de 20 ans Joshua Byrne.

Rugby Europe News avec les points forts du match du trophée Croatie vs Suisse et des interviews de Cyril Lin (capitaine de l'équipe nationale) et Joshua Byrne (capitaine de l'équipe U20).

(Malheureusement, l'article sur le site de Rugby Europe n'est disponible qu'en anglais.)

Rugby in Switzerland is on a high just now with their men’s senior, under-20 and under-18 teams all having had very positive results recently.

The senior team won four matches from four and collected 19 points in total to win the Rugby Europe Trophy after playing against Ukraine, Sweden, Lithuania and Croatia.

Cyril Lin, the team captain, said:  “We feel great joy and pride at winning this competition undefeated. It is the result of several seasons of work at this level.

“A combination of things really pleased me: the consistency of our squad while introducing new players, respecting the gameplan that the staff had prepared beforehand and going out and following it, playing teams different from previous years such as Sweden and Ukraine and, above all, the desire to perform in every match.

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