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Putting Players First

The Player Welfare programme consists of a series of resources and measures made available to clubs, players, coaches, educators, parents, and the entire Suisserugby Community. The different measures and services constitute a set of recommendations, not rules or obligations. 

When it comes to EDUCATION, we focus on a set of resources designed to educate players, coaches, parents, clubs, administrators, educators, medical staff, and others regarding Player Welfare.




The following priorities have been identified by the Medical Commission to be implemented next:

Medical Education: WR Level 1 courses

It was recognised by the members as a positive step by the FSR to organise First Aid Courses and it was noted that this initiative has been welcomed by the clubs in order to reach the FSR objective to increase the number of qualified First Aiders in the Swiss Rugby Community.

  • The increased presence of trained first aiders at rugby matches is a very positive step and it is commendable that that the FSR has taken this initiative as part of its Player Welfare Programme.
  • The FSR's WR Medical Educators have added a module focused specifically on Concussion Recognition, management, and follow-up to the 1st Aid Course.


The Medical Commission has developed the FSR's Anti-Doping Guidelines and resources, in collaboration with Swiss Anti-Doping.

  • These documents provide important information and support to every athlete.
  • The Resources will be made available to all players and clubs online.

Information on SCD (Sudden Cardiac Death)

  • The medical Commission will collect and make available resources on this topic.
  • These will be available to every player and club, online.



The different measures are introduced step by step over the course of several seasons, and provide a set of recommendations and resources designed to help any players, coaches, parents, or clubs who might be interested in enhancing and ensuring player safety and welfare.


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