A Core Value in Rugby

Ensuring a safe and fair game.

Discipline is one of Rugby’s core values

Ensuring a safe and fair game.

The game's intensely physical characteristics means that there are firm boundaries within which players must operate to ensure that the game is as safe and fair as possible.

  • All players on the field must play within the laws of the game and foul play contrary to World Rugby Law 9 (Foul Play) is penalised by the on-field match officials.
  • For more serious foul play, players may be required to attend a disciplinary hearing in accordance with World Rugby Regulation 17.
  • Everyone involved in rugby is also required to adhere to World Rugby’s values and regulations, and breaches of World Rugby’s Regulations may also result in a hearing before a World Rugby Judicial Panel.

This video by World Rugby explains how the disciplinary process works.


General costs for yellow & red cards

Card Costs
Red Card CHF 300.-
Yellow Card CHF 50.-


Additional Note:

  • 2 yellow cards in the same match equivalent to a red card AND a suspension for two maches
  • 3 yellow card in the same saison equivalent to a red card AND a match suspension

Check out the details on costs occuring for each type of offence - available in French & German.


Information on red and yellow cards as well as judical suspensions will be updated weekly on this page

Red Cards

(as of 15.11.2023)

Licence # Player Club Match Date
140483 Yannick Noirjean Union Jura Rugby 4 until 30.11.2023
196627 David Kenison TV Thun  5 until 31.12.2023
140495 Gael Hody Union Jura Rugby 2 until 30.11.2023
184584 Tommaso Chelucci ER Lausanne 2 until 17.11.2023
1275683 Maxime Cambot RC Nyon 2 until 15.03.2024
425523 Vivien Erb Albaladejo RCL 3 until 31.03.2024
1061318 Michel Petitjean Bellinzona 2 until 15.03.2024
1389347 Maria Castillo Quiroz Red Wolves 2 until 31.03.2024
160028 Sacha Magnollay AS MORGES 2  


2nd Yellow Card

(as of 12.09.2023)

Licence #

Player Club  
1341533 Riad Al-Katrib RC Cern-Meyrin                                                           
1376077 Driss Cheddad Stade Lausanne  
191175 Fabrice Zellweger TV Thun   
1355428 Carlos Quesada Jiminez RU Zurich  
182978 Grégoire Tatin Hermance  
173538 Vincent Piazza Geneve PLO  
160028 Sacha Magnollay AS Morges  


Judicial Suspension

(as of 12.09.2023)

Licence # Player Club Match Date
143807 Sarah McNamara RC Luzern 6 Months - for coaching 31.12.23 - Referee Abuse
178613 Adrien Girard RC Yverdon Provisional - Under review TBC
155494 François Gosparini-Lebert RC Avusy Lifetime  



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