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Putting Players First

PREVENTION is better than CURE

Player Welfare Putting Players First

Putting players first

Player Welfare & Safety is the number 1 priority of World Rugby and of the Swiss Rugby Untion (FSR). Introducing player welfare standards and a programm to secure players was key in this context.

Driving player welfare

World Rugby is driving player welfare. Our sport's protocols, laws, and educational programmes – centred on evidence-based research and supported by independent experts - are driving the agenda in sport and assisting players worldwide.

Ensuring player protection

With increasing participation, fan and commercial growth worldwide and in Switzerland, World Rugby and the Swiss Rugby Union are committed to ensuring that the best possible practices and strategies are implemented to support and protect players at all levels of the game.

Rugby Values in Player Welfare

Rugby Values applied to Player Welfare

The core values of Rugby are also applied to player welfare & safety:

  • We believe rugby has a role to play in keeping people active, healthy and engaged.
  • It is crucial that we remember other non-physical positive benefits of rugby for all ages, including increasing confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and building character, as well as the physical benefits of engaging in enjoyable exercise whilst working as part of a team.
  • We believe that the character and health benefits of playing the sport far outweigh the risk of injury.
  • Through collaboration with World Rugby and with the foremost experts in the field, we use evidence-based research to implement best-practices at all levels of the game and produce technical welfare guidance documents so that everyone involved can have the skills to ensure safe enjoyment of the game.

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Player Welfare programme

Putting players first

The Suisserugby Player Welfare Concept

The Player Welfare programme consists of a series of resources and measures made available to clubs, players, coaches, educators, parents, and the entire Suisserugby Community. The different measures and services constitute a set of recommendations, not rules or obligations. With the help of its expert medical commission and the research and recommendations by World Rugby, the FSR has developed an extensive set of measures and recommendations centered on player welfare, which will be available to its clubs. These are being deployed over the course of several seasons, in the following areas:


Medical Commission

Suisserugby Medical Commission

Putting Players First

The Suisserugby Medical Commission is made up of experts in their fields, ranging from

  • SportsMedicine,
  • Internal Medicine,
  • Neurology,
  • Emergency Medicine,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Physical Therapy,
  • Osteopathy.

With the help of its medical commission, the Swiss Rugby Federation has developed its -> Player Welfare Concept. The programme consists of a series of resources and measures made available to clubs, players, coaches, educators, parents, and the entire Suisserugby Community.

Contact (E-Mail): Suisserugby Medical Commission 


Marc Alagnoux

Medical Commission Member

  • Physiotherapist, Ostheopath
  • Physio of Swiss Men's National Team

Dr. Michele Catarinella

Medical Commission Member

  • Assistent Doctor – Doctoral intern
  • International Rugby Referee

Dr. John Duff

Medical Commission Member

  • Specialist in Neurology and Spinal
  • Neurosurgery at the Clinic de Genolier

Dr. Mathieu Saubade

Medical Commission Member

  • Chef de Clinique Sport Medicine
  • Center CHUV Lausanne

Dr. Nicolas Kirchner

Medical Commission Member

  • Internal Medicine,
  • Emergency Medicine

Gregory Tellier

Medical Commission Member

  • Specialist in Osteopathy & Kinesiotherapy,
  • Physiotherapist of the Swiss Men’s National Team

Alliocha Delaunay

Medical Commission Member

  • Physiotherapist, Swiss Olympic recognized
  • Physio of Swiss Men's National Team

Vladislav Kott

Medical Commission Member

  • Physiotherapist
  • Head Physio & Ostheopath, Med Athletics

Dr. Stephane De Jesus

Medical Commission Member

  • Head of Service de Medecine de Sport de Haut Niveau
  • Albertville Team Doctor (French Ski Federation)

Dr. Urs Grossenbacher

Medical Commission Member

  • Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


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