Coaching excellence.

Introduction to Coaching Education

Developping players to achieve maximum potential.

Getting started

Developing your coaching is a journey in which qualification courses provide training and recognition of your skills. All you need to know at this stage is that there are levels of coaching qualification which give you the coaching basics. After that you can then go on to develop your skills in many areas throughout your coaching journey. 

Different levels of coaching education are needed to coach at different levels of the game. Coaching Education in Swiss Rugby is divided between the

  • World Rugby/ Swiss Rugby pathway 
  • Swiss Youth & Sport pathway
  • Specialized Continuing Education courses

Coaching different levels:

  • Coaching children or youth:  ASwiss Youth & Sport coaching certification is needed.
  • Coaching adults: A Swiss Jouth & Sport OR a World Rugby / FSR certification can be used.
  • Specialized Continuing Education courses: These courses are open to coaches from both of the above mentioned pathways.


Coaching Education Pathways

Swiss Youth & Sport Pathway

Coaching children or youth

In order to coach children or youth, a Swiss Youth & Sport (J & S) coaching certification is needed. The Swiss Rugby Youth & Sport Education Programme is largely subsidized by the Swiss Government and is organized by the Swiss Rugby Union under the umbrella of the Swiss Federal Office of Sport's Youth & Sport Programme.

All details, information, and course schedules are kept up to date in German, French, and Italian, on the website of the Federal J & S Rugby website.
To register for J & S courses, contact your Club's "J&S Coach" or contact the Swiss Rugby Union via e-mail.

World Rugby / FSR Education Pathway

Coaching adults

In order to coach adults a Swiss Jouth & Sport OR a World Rugby / FSR certification can be used.

Special coaching certificates are needed in order to coach different leagues/ levels.

League Coaching Certificate
Development Leagues LND and LNF-B World Rugby Level 2 Coaching Certificate
Senior Rugby in the LNC, LNB, and LNF-A FSR Level 1-2 Coaching Certificate
Elite Level Senior Rugby in the LNA FSR Level 3 Coaching Certificate


World Rugby / FSR Programme Education Pathway 

Specialized continuing education

Developping players to achieve maximum potential.

These courses treat a number of different subjects, and offer the possibility to people from either the J&S Coaching Pathway or the World Rugby / FSR Pathway to increase their knowledge on a number of technical areas. Courses are open to all members of Swiss Rugby Clubs.

Participants can register for the courses using the 

They are held at different times of the year in the "Deutschschweiz" as well as in the "Suisse Romande" Region, in various languages. 

The dates for the Courses are published on the course caldendar as soon as they are scheduled.


Specialization Module

This Module gives an overview of 7-a-side rugby. The basics of coaching this discipline of the sport, as well as the organization and management of 7-a-side tournaments are covered.


Specialization Module

This module gives an in-depth look at the technical side of scrumming, and of coaching players in its techniques. Particular focus is given to safety, as well as the right posture and mechanics.


Specialization Module

This module gives an in-depth look at this crucial set-piece in XVs rugby. It covers coaching of its basic technique as well as the tactics crucial to a successful line-out.

  • Winning the ball: The jump, the lift, the throw: Distinguish the ball taker, movement systems, initiative.
  • Favoring the chosen throw: Organisation of the jumping blocks, distribution of roles, commands.
  • Countering the opponent's throw:Defense organisation, making of jumpers, strategic choices.

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