Coupe Suisse & Coupe FSR brackets

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  • 01 Oct 2021

Here are the detailed match-up for both the 2021-2022 Coupe Suisse & Coupe FSR

Lausanne, 11/10/2021 - During the last Central Committee Metting held in Bern, CC Members conducted the draw for the 2021-2022 Coupe Suisse & Coupe FSR.

8 Teams from the LNA and LNB have entered into the Coupe Suisse, while a record 16 teams (LNA & LNB Second Teams as well as LNC and LND Teams) have entered the Coupe FSR.

  • The first round of the Coupe Suisse & Coupe FSR will take place on 27-28 November
  • The 2nd round will take place on 19-20 March 2022
  • A 3rd round for the Coupe FSR will also take place on 7-8 May
  • The semi-finals of both Cup competitions will be on 28-29 May
  • And the finals will take place on 25 June 

The first round will be particularly interesting with large number of derbys to be played. So don't hesitate to go support your favorite team for these knowk-off competitions with a particular atmosphere.