Nominations Members of Honour

  • Federation
  • 09 Aug 2022

Peter Schupbach, Matthias Herzig, and Veronika Mühlhofer were nominated President and Members of Honour

At the last Assembly of Delegates, the members of the Swiss Rugby Federation elected Peter, Matthias and Veronika as President (Peter) and Members of Honour (Matthias and Veronika) of the FSR.

During his 9 years as President of the FSR, Peter Schupbach has steered the establishment of a professional structure within the FSR, transforming the FSR from a purely amateur federation to a professionalized structure with 7 employees serving the sports and clubs. Together with Matthias Herzig (as Vice President, and Chief Legal Officer) and Veronika Mühlhofer (as Secretary General and CEO), Peter's team led the development of Swiss Rugby, both nationally and internationally, with the creation of 4 new adult XV rugby leagues, the creation of the U16 and U18 leagues, the U14 competitions, the women's national XV Senior and U18 teams, the men's U16, U17 national teams. Furthermore, during this period, the work of Peter, Mathias, and Veronika has helped to improve the status of the federation both with the Swiss authorities and within Rugby Europe and World Rugby, being a highly respected member of the international rugby community, and representing Swiss Rugby in the best possible way on the international stage.

The FSR thanks Peter, Matthias and Veronika for their valued contribution, and is delighted to welcome them as President and Members of Honour