Suisse Super 7's competition in Vessy

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  • 28 Feb 2023

This weekend in Vessy took place the 2nd stage of the youth super seven circuit.

Busy week-end for the sevens!

While the natis play at winter sevens, we were playing the 2nd leg of the youth swiss super sevens (U16/U19) in Vessy.

Congratulations the local teams PAC Genevois who won both categories.

A special thanks to our team of referees.



U16 Rankings

1. PAC Genevois

2. RC Nyon

3. ER Lausanne

4. Entente Morges / Yverdon

5. Jura 3 Lacs

U19 Rankings

1. PAC Genevois

2. Northern Lions

3. RC Nyon

4. ER Lausanne

5. Jura 3 Lacs


See you in Neuchâtel for the next tournament!