Suisserugby Launches new Website

  • Clubs
  • 09 Sep 2021

Welcome to the new HOME OF SUISSERUGBY!

Zurich, September 9th, 2021 - For the start of the new season, the FSR has launched its new website. It will be the new home of Suisserugby on the internet. The website is entirely available in 3 languages (French, German, and English), and features a number of innovations, compared to the old website:

  • Discover Rugby: it features a new section "Discover Rugby", designed to introduce the sport to those who are not so familiar with it, particular potential new players, parents, coaches, and volunteers in Switzerland.
  • Find Your Club: with the "Find Your Club" Section, it features every club in Switzerland, and allows interested people to find a club easily
  • Social Media: wIth the "Social Media Center" it integrates the vibrid life of Swiss Rugby on Social Media.
  • Documents: with the structured and ordered Documents Center, it provides a sole place where clubs, players, and parents can find important documents, and this will be updated and increased constantly.
  • Photos and Videos: with a new Photo Gallery and Video Center, the website will become the central digital hub for a multi-media, audiovisual experience of Swiss Rugby
  • New URLs: Besides the usual, the website is also available at and The additional URL of will be added soon.
  • Latest Technology: The website is built on a state of the art, robust digital Infrastructure, providing all the latest and best standards including SEO etc.

The website was designed and programmed by digital agency Koch Sports, who was chosen among 5 very promising offers received through a call for tender held last year.

The entire content was created and entered in 3 languages by FSR staff and consultants. Big thanks to the entire team who supported this process.

All stakeholders are invited to submit their constructive feedback and input to the FSR, who will be working on adjusting the website and adding even more content over the next weeks. Send feedback by email to fsr(AT)