U18 Talents participate in the 3T Camp - "All Talents in Tenero »

  • Development
  • 01 Oct 2021

This week the Young Talents of Suisse Rugby are participating in the "All Talents Camp in Tenero" organized by Swiss Olympic to offer young athletes an opportunity to develop.

Tenero, 1/10/2021 - Thanks to its efforts in development and education, this is the second time that Suisse Rugby is invited, along with the other major sports in Switzerland, to this Camp which is dedicated to young athletes who have a Swiss Olympic Talent Car.  During this camp, more than 500 sports talents from different Swiss sports federations train for a week in Ticino under the motto "talent@work - to be a future champion". Swiss Olympic is offering young athletes and their coaches a unique opportunity to develop both athletically and personally.

In the spirit of the Olympic values "Excellence - Friendship - Respect", the 3T is there so that the greatest talents in Swiss sport...

  • are made aware of the difficulty of the path towards elite sport.
  • benefit from quality training specific to their sport and support based on sports science.
  • become familiar with the Olympic values and the six "cool and clean" commitments.
  • Exchange with talent from other sports and language cultures.

From a Rugby perspective, the program consists of 2 to 3 Rugby sequences per day, supervised by the team of the Technical Direction of Suisse Rugby (and in particular Sébastien DUPOUX, Rahel BOSSHARD and Patrice PHILIPPE).  This training is also complemented by education and team building offers, like workshops dedicated to the values of sport, anti-doping, public speaking, medical and relationship with more established athletes are offered.

This year, for example, our young rugby players were able to discover windsurfing, but also to share their experiences with volleyball players, footballers and unihockey players.

An enriching experience without a doubt.  Congratulations to all

  • James Beresford, RC Zug
  • Finn Buri, RC Bern
  • Joshua Byrne, NSRC
  • Aaron Cronin, GC Rugby
  • Franco Di Rauso, RC Nyon
  • Gabriel Fernandez, RC Nyon
  • Andre Gaspoz, RC Riviera
  • Maxime Keller, RC Servette
  • Alexander Schazmann, RC Wuerenlos
  • Jens Stuker, RC Bern
  • Alexander Wood, ERL
  • Leonardo Aielli, Fribourg
  • Noel Bruggisser, GC Rugby
  • Nello Merrazzi, ZRA
  • Zachary Nguyen, GEPLO
  • Matthieu Nicod,RC Lugano
  • Nate Richards, RFC Basel
  • Gabriel Rouelle-Mourot, ERL
  • Makar Udolov, RC Zug
  • Lars Van Hussen, RC Zug