Suisse Rugby Day - Nyon 2021

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  • 13 Nov 2021

The last Suisse Rugby Day in Nyon was a great popular success

Nyon, 13/11/2021 - Despite a disappointing sporting result for our 2 national teams, this weekend's Suisse Rugby Day was a real popular success for Swiss Rugby.  More than 1100 spectators, coming from all over Switzerland, were present during this day totally dedicated to Rugby.

To open this Rugby festival, 220 children from U6 to U12 categories competed on Nyon RC’s pitches, our host for this 1st Swiss Rugby Day in 2 years.  Terre Sainte Rugby School, affiliated to Nyon RC, thought it big by hosting most of Romandie’s Rugby Schools: Yverdon, Riviera, La Côte Gland, Lausanne, Morges, Palézieux, Avusy and Sierre having answered present for the Tournament.

The objective was clearly not the competition, but rather the pleasure to play together and to share some good moments of rugby.  No winners for this tournament, but we will remember the enormous pleasure and the joy of the kids for taking part in this beautiful day.  Indeed, after playing for 2h, and enjoying a snack offered by our partner ANDROS, the highlight of the day was the opportunity to participate to the party with the "big boys », to welcome them on the pitch and to share the anthems with them.  And, at the end of the day, it was Oceane, a young 10 year old player, who summed up the state of mind of these young rugbymen/women.  To the journalist's question "you are a girl, you play Rugby, what do you want to say to the other girls?", it is with a large enjoyed smile that she answered "well … go out and play because it is soooo good ! »

After the Rugby Schools tournament, it was up to the Women Match.  Switzerland faced Czech Republic for their first official match in 2 years, almost to the day after the loss against these same Czechs in November 2019.  With a late return to play, due to the sanitary conditions, and a partially renewed squad, the task was complicated for our Swiss women who had to face a well prepared Czech squad, who had just played 2 matches in this yerar’s Rugby Europe Women's Trophy.

And it was indeed the Czechs who dominated the Swiss in the combat and intensity to score an early first try on the 4th minute, by Pavlina Cuprova. Stunned and perhaps a little impressed by the atmosphere of the Stadium of Colovray, the Swiss conceded a second try by Tereza Bathova, before gaining some momentum and being able to somewhat square the field.  But with a better physical impact, the Czechs continued to gain advantage, and despite a better 2nd half thanks to the contribution of the finishers, the end-result was hard 0-25.

Yet the enthusiasm around Women's Rugby was noticeable with a large and loud public who strongly voiced their support for the Nati.  This match was also the opportunity for 5 new players to make their first cap with the Swiss team.  Congratulations to

  • Pauline CLOPT,
  • Niki ZAAL,
  • Claire OSTREICHER,
  • Chantal MARITZ
  • Monica IACHIZZI.

To watch the game, 

When the Men took over, the crowd was ready to rumble, and the Nati offered them a game which was as breathtaking and exciting as it was frustrating.  Just like Czech Republic, the Lithuanians had just played 2 games against Germany and Ukraine and were therefore 100% ready for a tough fight.  While for the Nati it was also their first game in 2 years.

Despite this lack of preparation, it is the Swiss who opened the hostilities by scoring a penalty after just 15min, during which the intensity of the contacts, but also a certain febrility were present.  That’s when the Lithuanians were penalised with a yellow card, and were one man down for 10 minutes. But it strangely coincided with a slight drop in the intensity of our young players who did not manage to take the lead of the game, made some technical errors and did not capitalise on their scoring opportunities (3 penalty kicks missed). On the contrary, the Lithuanians, even though playing with 14 men, took the score and finished the 1st Period with a lead of 3-13 (having scored 1 converted try and 2 penalties).

The febrility was certainly due to a certain lack of rhythm for this international game (unlike the  Lithuanians), but also to a certain inexperience since, as for the women, 8 new players joined the Nati for this first game of the 2021-2022 campaign.  Congratulations to

  • Hadrien BOBILLIER,
  • Adri KOEFERLI,
  • Jess ROBERSON,
  • Antoine SALINO,
  • Jolan VINCENT,
  • Romin VIVARIE,
  • Tommaso VOLTA.

The 2nd period started on the same rhythm, with a penalty and an unconverted try for the Lithuanians who continued their hard work, and had better automatism thanks to their first 2 games which prepared them well.  But the Nati finally thrilled the public.  The freshness brought by the « finishers », in addition to a certain rebellion started by the leaders, of which the Captain Cyril Lin, but also his 2 companions of the 3rd row Tim VOEGTLI and Ludovic PERRUISSET, allowed the Nati to come back into the game.  On the 62nd minutes it is precisely Ludovic PERRUISSET who scored a try, converted by Tommaso VOLTA, after a great collective work in the movement.

The Nati then through all its energy into this end of match. The youngsters brought their ardour, and the older ones their perforation, to score the « try of hope » at the 76th minute, by William MEYER.  At that moment, the score was of 20-21, the public was ecstatic, and pushed very hard behind the Nati.   The forward provided a last ammunition to the Nati with a very nice scraping right at the 80th minute .... but as the song says "love stories usually end badly" ... and on this last action, the final skip pass was intercepted by the excellent Lithuanian No. 11 who scored a try ... Final score 20-28, Switzerland is disappointed but can be proud of having shown heart and intensity.

The public was not dissatisfied and saluted with pride their Nati, which will have the opportunity to play a second game with a perilous trip this weekend in Poland.

The day ended as it began, with children joining the players to get autographs ... the important message of the day lays on that final image.  The transmission of rugby values and the development of rugby in Switzerland.  What a beautiful day !