Swiss Super 7’s | Vessy 25.02.2024

  • 27 Feb 2024

Yverdon and Albaladejo clinch victories at the Men/Women Swiss Super 7's in Geneva, with the next stage set for March 24th.

The first stage of the Men/Women Swiss Super 7's took place on Sunday 25th February 2024 in the excellent facilities of the Vessy complex in Geneva. 6 teams were present in the men's category: Basel, GPLO, LUC, Nyon, Riviera and Yverdon and 5 teams in the women's category: Albaladejo, LUC, Salamenders, Switzers and Swiss Développement.


Yverdon won the men's category and Albaladejo won the women's category in an excellent atmosphere and under the direction of the refereeing team led by Sébastien Diuritch.


See you on March 24th for the next stage!


Men’s Standing

1 - Yverdon

2 - LUC

3 - GPLO

4 - Nyon

5 - Basel

6 - Riviera


Woman’s Standing

1 - Albalaadies (Albaladejo)

2 - Switzers

3 - LUC

4 - Salamenders

5 - Swiss Development (non-competition)


Link to watch or rewatch the tournament (thanks to the Salamenders)