1st Stage of the RE 7s Trophy Series

  • 22 Jun 2023

Switzerland finishes 5th in its first Trophy tournament but can hope for more.

The 1st stage of the Rugby Europe 7s Trophy Series 2023 took place over 3 days in Zagreb. 

During Day for the first 2 group matches Switzerland finishes with 2 defeats against Sweden, who will advance to the semi-finals, and Croatia, the future finalist, but also with some regrets for not entering into the competition properly. 

With a 7-a-side rugby based on physical challenge to the detriment of space and continuity, Switzerland became was rapidly made aware of the physical, technical and mental demands of this level of European competition right from the start. 

The second day allows to set the record straight for the final group match against Bulgaria, which ends with a conclusive victory and a place in the quarter-finals as best 3rd-placed team. The quarter-final against Hungary was a hard-fought match in which Switzerland showed a certain lack of control. However, the players hung in there, and it was only due to a few misunderstandings that the group let the game slip from their grasp 24-19. 

The final day of the tournament sees Switzerland play off for 5th place. And by overcoming Poland and then Latvia in last-second matches, Switzerland finally took 5th place in the tournament, scoring 12 points ahead of the second leg in Budapest on July 8th & 9th. 

This 5th place is encouraging, but Switzerland will need to confirm these results with greater ambitions and more mastery if they are to reach the podium. The group has shown quality and character and can aim for this goal. 

See you in Budapest on July 8th & 9th.  
Switzerland's pool in Budapest 
Croatia - Moldova - Luxembourg - Switzerland