Elite Center of January 28, 2024

  • National Teams
  • 01 Feb 2024

Elevating Swiss Rugby: The Elite Center unites U20s, women, and coaches, fostering excellence, unity, and success!

It has now been 3 years since, during the winter break, Swiss Rugby has established elite centers with the mission of advancing our international players and eligible players with high potential who compete in Swiss championships.

For the 2023-2024 season, there are four sessions spread across January and February, with the innovation of opening these elite centers to U20 players. This initiative aims to bring these young players closer to the senior team, strengthen the dynamics around national teams, and create coherence in the game plan proposed by the Nati Staff, as well as around the strategic project Advance Together implemented by the federation.

And for the third gathering of this season, another innovation was on the agenda. This 3rd elite center also welcomed players from the Women's national team! Nearly 70 participants in total, 36 female players and 33 male players, gathered on Sunday, January 28, in Macolin to share the day with the same workshops and in mixed groups for both physical exercises and game plans.

On this occasion, the national team coaches represented by Olivier Nier (Head coach) and Simon Dupuy (Scrum coach and elite centers manager) were joined by coaches from the women's national team: Ali Nouri, Billy Valentine, and Carole Casperis, as well as club coaches who volunteered to lend a hand: Benjamin Faudot (GPLO), Alistair Wotherspoon (Basel), Andy Stewart (Basel), and Alec Wilkinson (Salamenders).

This training day, under the radiant sun of Macolin, was a real moment of work, exchange, and conviviality among the various participants. Therefore, thanks to the female players, male players, organizers of the elite camps, coaches, and visitors of this day who turned this initiative into a real success!

The next and final date for the elite centers this winter is Sunday, February 18, in Geneva (field to be confirmed): Reminder: Swiss club coaches are cordially invited to these elite centers.